Uprising at HMP Oakwood: wing occupied, fighting with G4S screws

On Sunday 5th inmates at HMP Oakwood near Wolverhampton rose up and occupied a wing of the UKs largest jail, barricading and smashing windows, which previously has seen rooftop protests against the shit conditions men are subjected to. Solidarity against the prison system and the capitalist society that creates it!!!

from the mainstream media:

Up to 60 inmates, and possibly some weapons, may have been involved in the trouble at Oakwood jail, near Wolverhampton.

Serious disorder reportedly broke out overnight in a wing of a jail near Wolverhampton run by security firm G4S.

Up to 60 inmates are believed to have been involved in the five-hour incident at HMP Oakwood, which a company spokesperson said had now been resolved.

Sky’s Home Affairs Correspondent Mark White said: “We understand it was a serious incident.”

He added that weapons may have been involved.

Extra resources were brought in to try to contain the disorder, including “tornado” squads of prison officers wearing riot gear who are specially trained in public order.

and from another media report:

The full extent of violent disturbances at Britain’s biggest prison is being “covered up” by ministers and G4S, the private firm that runs it, it has been claimed.

The allegations follow a nine-hour stand-off between staff and inmates at so-called “super prison” HMP Oakwood that ended in the early hours of Monday morning.

It has emerged the violent outbreak was not an isolated incident but one of a string of disturbances at the prison, which houses 1,600 criminals.

Labour’s shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan said the prison, which only opened in April 2012, had been “plagued” by protests and disturbances.

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