‘Perennial Resistance ELF-FAI Bristol’ claim arson of Kia showroom, Bath

from Actforfreedomnow!:

8th of January – Incendiary device on delay left at Kia car showroom, Lower Bristol Road, Bath. Damage to the building facade. A brand new 4-x-4 and three cars also consumed by the flames. A direct attack on exploitative manufacturing industries who profit from choking our world, who also make status symbols for our class enemies. This section of the Earth Liberation Front and Informal Anarchist Federation has them in our sights.

With the cops cleared of the execution of Mark Duggan that started the riots of 2011, as good a time as ever to re-ignite the streets.

Unfortunately for the enemy, the 32 year old arrested for the action has no relation to our group.

Active solidarity with:
– the stirrings of new struggle against road building programs in the UK (traces of which we saw in Combe Haven), specifically with the ones who won’t take the path of liberals and pacifists next time
– Swiss anarchist Marco Camenish (who is on hunger strike and refusing work since the 30th of December) and informal anarchist prisoners Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai in Italy
Henry Zegarrundo (who we recognise as a kindred spirit through his letters) targeted by the Bolivian prosecutors, those on the run, and the anarchist and indigenous peoples still fighting the highway development

Perennial Resistance ELF-FAI Bristol

– Toluca – Jakarta – Moscow – Buenos Aires – Melbourne – keep the fires burning

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