Fuck UK Indymedia!!

PrisonIslandUK aims to provide rebellious counter-info/news of direct action & subversion in Britain. Indymedia UK where direct action groups have posted communiques in the past has repeatedly smeared anarchists acting as a conduit for police/corporate lies, pretending that the violent insurrection of the new anarchy and anti-systemic guerrilla are nothing but ghosts. They have censored communiques such as those claiming the bombings of the Vinci offices in Bristol, the arson of the Kia showroom in Bath, and the bombing of a Barclays bank in Bristol – all claimed by cells of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI). Fuck this civil pacifist-judiciary! Fire to the system, up the action groups and arsonists with conscience.

Text taken from pamphlet by 325 & Dark Matter PublicationsAnarchy – Civil or Subversive?’ : A Collection of Texts Against Civil Anarchism.

Indymedia UK & Bristol have repeatedly allowed their websites to be used as platforms to smear and denigrate the insurrectional project, that of the FAI/CCF/IRF, 325 and the anarchists of praxis.

It is known for a long time that these sites allow the spreading of lies and falsities against the insurrectionals, and that they allow the publishing of photos of demonstrations without naturally blurring the faces of those taking part, compromising their security, and most disgusting, those being arrested, rapidly aiding the filling of police files with their actions.

Not only do they allow the publishing and dissemination of rumours which only serve repression but they have acted as judges on the supposed nature of the sabotages and attacks. They sought to impose their discrimination on the attacks and upon the action groups, aiming at having a dominating influence on their behaviour, like the civil anarchists who also believed through their hysterical denunciations they could impose their own servility on the uncontrollables.

Their hostility to our projects is nothing surprising, as IMC UK & Bristol are tiny forums for the last desperate cries of the British activist herd who are stuck in the mire of legalism and so-called ‘direct’ democracy. Despite continuous anarchist property destruction and the riots of 2011, the ‘movement’ has been shown to be almost totally out-of-touch and out-of-date; the fire of individual insurgency was not in need of amateur journalistic fleas, keyboard kaisers or do-gooder hyaenas.

The new anarchist international war also does not need or require such useless people, because it has created its own information structures and helped co-create and form many more, that have solidified struggles in the ‘social’ and ‘anti-social’. The informal international translation and counter-information network has a specific reality that comprises much more than any of its individual parts, one that has eclipsed many Indymedia sites that have been based on a very weak set of political and social values, largely based on the phoney social contract of civil rights, negotiation and legal defiance of democracy that characterised the ‘anti-summit’/ ‘anti-globalisation’ period from where it sprang 13 years ago. The informal internet anarchist network overcomes many of these previous sites of information activism, and an ongoing development is taking place internationally. Many of the prior spaces of the ‘movement’, physical and virtual, are now in the hands of the enemy, or might as well be.

Nothing but a stale socialist breeze of nostalgia for ‘better days’ will come from the ‘social/anarchist movement’ in the UK. Their civility is the polar opposite of the evolution of the new internationalist anarchy and next generation armed struggle. Civil anarchism denounces the new anarchist war, its methods, principles and they reject the insurrectional consciousness, revolutionary language and the individual awareness of the immediacy of the attack.

The recent trial in Genoa of Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai returns us to the Anarchist Federation UK/Libcom’s denunciation of the shooting of CEO Roberto Adinolfi. The imprisoned anarchists of the Olga Cell/FAI proved their dignified and revolutionary position against the court and to their courage. What is the legacy of civil anarchism in this moment? That of inaccurate and panicked statements proving their cowardice in the face of anarchist “terrorism”! Bickering, back-stabbing traitors, they are closer to the Socialist Workers Party, than the anarchist-communists of the past or the young rebels of today.

Only eager for substitutive power, because in their own lives they have none, the civil anarchists circulate around a symbolic movement like identity clones, their spaces and groups marionettes for police surveillance. Many of them immersed in illusions of quantity and social acceptance, they are still isolated by their cult-like subculture, and their actions have reinforced social peace as part of the democratic mechanism that keeps their inclusion within the regime’s political trap. Never will they risk their cultural niche.

Avoid the redundant corpses of the old anarchist organisations, activist groups and social centres. It is a trap to ensnare and profile the unwary and well-meaning. In the UK you will find few revolutionaries there. Develop your own revolutionary friendships, educate yourselves, train, strive for health, arm yourselves, research your targets and strike. Don’t waste your time with the lies of the amateur-professionals of the anti-establishment. Believe in yourselves, burn your past and live.

Anarchist-nihilists against the activist establishment