Plymouth: sabotage against woodland clearance project

from the corporate press (jan 4):

POLICE are investigating whether two arson and vandalism attacks in woodlands are linked.

Vandals have caused tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to plant gear at Blackies wood, next to the incinerator, close to Savage Road leading to Barne Road and Wolseley Road.

On Thursday night arsonists went on a rampage with a digger before setting it on fire.

The digger, belonging to Landscape Matters Ltd, was driven around the site and used to cause damage to other plant and a wastage unit within the compound.

The firm has been contracted to landscape the woods, putting in paths and walkways, clearing out rubbish and making it a site which can be used by the community.

Police believe the vandals returned again on Friday evening and set alight a large cabin used by the workers, completely destroying it.

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