Poster – Some Anarchist Attacks in Bristol

This list of actions over the last few years around Bristol has been complied to show that successful strikes against the system are not only possible, but are being regularly
carried out. Even lockdown UK with its surveillance and control has weak points and opportunities – we’re only as pacified as we let ourselves be! For sure there’s much more happening than these “claimed” actions, as well as many different forms of struggle against authority.

The common thread in these actions is direct attack targeting the many forms of
domination, in the age-old struggle for freedom. Beyond that, the motivations and analysis of the individuals and groups behind them are varied. For more info on such actions and others across the world, see / (multi-lingual) /


1-1-11 Windows broken at
police station & probation
office in St Pauls

10-1-11 A bailiff firm & HSBC
bank branch windows broken,
three police cars & a police
CCTV van paintstripped &
windows broken, O2 mobile
phone tower set on fire in

15-1-11 Security & surveillance
van set on fire

17-1-11 Two BT telecommunication
vehicles set on

8-2-11 Between 40 to 50 BMW
vehicles scratched &
paintstripped at a Cribbs
Causeway showroom

26-2-11 CCTV van
paintstripped in daytime,
internet & telecommunication
cables burnt at night

24-3-11 Windows broken, paint
bombs thrown & staff vehicles
damaged at RBS banking
centre near Temple Meads

26-3-11 T Mobile/Vodaphone
mobile phone towers set on fire
in Hambrook, Siston Common
& Longwell Green

12-4-11 Van of private
detention corporation Mitie
burnt in Staple Hill

18-4-11 Windows smashed at
Mitie offices in Hartcliffe

4-5-11 Three vans set on fire at
the probation office in St Pauls

1-6-11 Two banks windows &
cash points smashed on
Gloucester Rd.

8-6-11 House of a BNP fascist
‘re-decorated’ in Knowle West

1-7-11 Paintstripping & tyre
puncturing of six police
personal vehicles on Trinity Rd

20-7-11 Windows of estate
agent Maggs & Allen smashed
in Henleaze

8-8-11 Power corporation EON
vehicle burnt in St Pauls

9-8-11 Windows smashed on
two Whiteladies Rd banks.

9-8-11 Police riot van set on fire
in Bishopston

10-8-11 Police collaborators
Pieminister graffitied in St
Nick’s Market

11-8-11 Windows smashed &
paint-bombs thrown at Evening
Post newspaper offices

11-8-11 BBC radio mast set on
fire in Bedminster Down

13-8-11 Three unmarked police
vehicles get bricked at Trinity
Rd police station in daytime

25-8-11 Orbis/Sitex security
van set on fire in Hartcliffe

26-8-11 Lloyds TSB bank
windows broken in Fishponds

5-9-11 Newfoundland Rd
police station graffitied

19-9-11 Windows & cash points
of Tescos & Lloyds TSB bank
smashed in St George

24-9-11 Two to three unmarked
vehicles paintstripped at the
police Serious Crime Squad
HQ on Feeder Rd.

27-9-11 McDonalds windows
smashed in Bedminster

5-10-11 Cop car set on fire at a
police station south of the river

10-10-11 Anti-squatter PG
Group office gets locks glued
shut & graffitied in Redland

10-10-11 Windows smashed &
graffiti at the Magistrates Court

11-10-11 Windows smashed at
Bristol Civil Justice Centre

7-11-11 Lord Mayor of Bristol
& a Tory councillor have their
cars burned at their homes

16-11-11 Two Santander banks
get windows smashed

17-11-11 Maggs & Allen
windows smashed in Henleaze

7-12-11 Clifton Brides wedding
shop locks glued & graffitied

15-12-11 Fire set against Lloyds
TSB bank depot

4-1-12 Nine prison officers
personal cars paintstripped at
Ashfield adult/youth prison

8-3-12 Beauty salon that also
exploits animals has windows
smashed & graffitied on
Whiteladies Rd

10-3-12 The Last Resort fascist
skinhead stall attacked with
paint in daytime at St Nick’s

11-4-12 BBC & communication
services/police radio mast set
on fire on Dundry Hill

1-5-12 Multiple banks, estate
agents & a Money Shop
smashed in Knowle &

22-5-12 Railway lines
sabotaged on two sides of the
city through signal cable arson

5-2012 Clear Channel
advertising van burned in
Staple Hill, billboard chopped
down on Netham Rd, electronic
billboard cables sabotaged on
St Philip’s Causeway

30-5-12 Bristol Conservative
Association windows broken,
graffitied & paint-bombed in

25-7-12 Energy, technology &
utility corporation GDF has
windows broken & graffitied in

31-7-12 Two BT vans are set on

08-2012 O2 mobile phone mast
set on fire in Longwell Green

13-8-12 Thomas Cook in
Clifton & Lloyds TSB bank
depot near
Temple Meads
windows are
both smashed,
Virgin Media
van graffitied &
paintstripped in

14-8-12 Lloyds
TSB bank
graffitied & its
windows are
smashed in St

30-8-12 Pentecostal christian
missionary group’s minibus
burnt in St George

22-10-12 Standfast Ltd security
& surveillance vehicle set on
fire in Redland

24-11-12 Palestinian aparthiedprofiteer
Marks & Spencers
windows smashed, G4S
security corporation car

1-1-13 Windows & glass doors
at the front of the animal prison
Bristol Zoo smashed &

9-1-13 Prison officers personal
cars paintstripped in daytime
outside Horfield prison

04-2013 Police 4×4 set on fire in

11-4-13 Windows smashed at
Fishponds Conservative Club

14-4-13 In daytime one Mitie
vehicle paintstripped & tyres
slashed by Temple Meads, then
one burnt in St George at night

29-4-13 Avon & Somerset
Guarding security firm
window-smashed & graffitied
in Fishponds

2-6-13 Two Tascor private
deportation transporters
smashed and dented in Cribbs
Causeway depot

20-6-13 Fire set at Border
Agency office in Portishead,
building damaged & seven
vehicles burnt

6-8-13 Windows smashed &
graffiti on the County Sports
Club in the centre which hosted
a fascist band

26-8-13 Fire set that guts multimillion
police firearms range
construction in Portishead,
G4S & court-servicing
corporation Amey vehicles get
paintstripped and slashed tyres
near St George

28-8-13 Homemade bomb set
off at Barclays bank in

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