telecom cables get destroyed, Sussex

Yes fuck the internet, mobiles & all the rest – get off prisonislanduk now and fuck this shitstem up

Hundreds of Gossops Green residents lost the use of their phone and internet because of vandalism to underground cables in the area. Loss of service was reported on Thursday (October 18) and some customers were still without their phone lines on Monday (October 22). A BT spokesman said that at least 400 people within the area had been affected and added: “Vandals have attacked our network in that area and cut some underground cables on the 18th which has caused a loss of service for some people. [Source]

HUNDREDS of Bromsgrove residents have been left without a telephone landline and an internet connection after an incident of vandalism. Customers across Bromsgrove, including in Belbroughton, Wildmoor, Dodford, Fairfield, Bournheath and Sidemoor, first realised and reported the problems on Wednesday evening, (October 17). Openreach, the network company that looks after the local network on behalf of all communication companies, says vandals deliberately cut two underground cables on the Church Lane and Church Road junction, near to St John’s Church. [source]

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