‘ALF-ELF’ take action against Bexhill-Hastings link road project

reported anonymously on DirectAction.info:

“Combe Haven. 7th-8th January 2013.

Acting in solidarity with the campaign against the Bexhill-Hastings link
road, activists sabotaged contractors attempts to force local wildlife to
migrate away from the site of the proposed road.

Wire mesh and wooden doors covered all but one entrance to each badger
sett in the area, in an attempt to encourage the badgers to move into
human-built setts prior to mating season. The mesh and doors surrounding
the badger setts have since been dismantled to encourage the badgers to
stay in their habitat of choice.

Newt-nets have also been set up by contractors with the same goal in mind,
plastic sheeting staked along the route of the road a foot below and above
ground, forcing newts, insects and other small animals out of the area.
Thus these nets have also been attacked, torn out of the ground and

Not only do these actions allow wild creatures to exist where they choose,
but slows the build of the road, as the contractors attempt to greenwash
their mindless destruction of animal habitats and local natural
environments by ‘sparing the animal’s lives’ in this manner and cannot
proceed with the road building until they say they are certain that the
local wildlife has migrated away from the site of ecological destruction.

After witnessing the surveyors dismay upon noticing the trashed nets,
these acts of sabotage will only continue and increase in their severity
until those who choose convenience and profit over life have suffered at
least equally in their fight for the absolute control and destruction of
the natural world.


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