Prisoner leaps out of the dock at King’s Lynn courthouse and makes his escape (Norfolk)

from the capitalist press (1 oct 2012):

A 22-year-old prisoner who had just been refused a bail application leaped out of the dock at West Norfolk Magistrates’ Court in Lynn this (Monday) lunchtime and ran out of the building.

Police are looking for the escaped man, Riki McGrath, of Wistaria Road, Wisbech, who had been before the court for four alleged offences, including dangerous driving and abandoning a moving Audi car and allowing it to roll across a railway crossing as a train was approaching, at Watlington yesterday (Sunday).

The defendant was pursued through the court building in College Lane by an officer who had been beside him in the dock and court security staff, but once outside he made his escape through Saturday Market Place.

He had just heard the magistrates decline jurisdiction over the alleged offences and turn down his application for bail. As they were waiting to hear a suitable committal date to Crown Court, Mr McGrath made his leap to freedom.

Run Riki RUN!!

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