‘Petty Vandals’ sabotage G4S vehicles, Nottingham

From Indymedia Nottingham (26 sept 2012):


In the early hours of this morning in South Nottingham two G4S vehicles came a cropper. We slashed their tires, stripped their paint, and snapped off their exgaust pipes. 

Why would we do this? Out of disgust for the ways in which G4S are encroaching on our lives, as they profit from this prison world. 

From the prisons and detention centres they run, which they endlessly seek to expand into our day to day existance. They now run accomodation for refugees and asylum seekers in Nottingham and the East of England, meaning that those that have been kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned by G4S now have G4S as their landlords.

We know that this will not be the end of this G4S will come after all social housing, as they dutifully obey the rules of this society of control. Where the goals are too have the working class monitored, categorised and punished at all times.  G4S are not the reason for this, they are merely a vehicle for capitalists to make their profit from. But they are a mercenary bunch of thugs who should be challenged at every front by those of us whose lives they wish to seize. Fuck them, because they try to hurt us. Fuck them for attacking our communities. Fuck them for the devastation they have caused. Fuck them we will fight back, us petty vandals, us angry fools, us untamed vagrants.

This one goes out to the kids, the ones who kick back against authoirty at every turn. This one goes out to our sisters and brothers who are locked away, we don’t forget you, we never will.

Til every cage is empty, and we’re beating the capitalist bosses with the metal bars.

Petty Vandals

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