Mystery attacker wages war on speed cameras, Kent

Fuck the cameras and the surveillance society!

From the capitalist press (sept 14 2012):

A mystery attacker is risking jail by waging war on the county’s speed cameras.

In a widespread campaign, many of Kent’s roadside spy cameras were defaced with stickers daubed over the lenses around a month ago.

Workers at the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership got stuck in to remove the stickers and glue and clean the lenses.

But the culprit has now struck again – renewing their vendetta against the cameras in the last 24 hours.

A partnership spokesman said the group didn’t have the resources to keep undoing the damage – which renders the cameras useless.

In last month’s spate nine out of the county’s 76 cameras were defaced – with a further three targeted this month.

Source: Kent Online

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