Some more countryside fires…

People have been setting fire to hay bales, barns, even ‘biomatter’ for these bullshit biofuel power stations, through out the British countryside. Here are a few recent examples culled from the capitalist media:

In Southbourne, West Sussex, a barn was set on fire in the evening of Friday (September 14) at approximately 9.45pm. The fire was already well alight upon the arrival of fire crews. Police seek the anonymous perpetrator(s). [Source]

On the night of Saturday (September 15) more than 7,000 tonnes of wood, piled up at a recycling plant inside a former ironworks in the Stanton Area, Derbyshire, caught fire  sending plumes of smoke towering into the skies. At its height, more than 60 firefighters battled the blaze. The station manager said: “There’s been a previous fire locally that we thought was deliberate so I think it’s unlikely this was accidental.” [source]

On September 16 firefighters in Cambridgeshire were called to a 3,000 tonne stack of straw in the March area after what they believe was a deliberate arson. The fire burned for three days. [source]

Firefighters were called to two haystacks on fire in Lincolshire on the night of 19 September. The first blaze was 36 half-tonne bails. A PCSO reckons they saw two ‘suspicious’ looking vehicles in the area they day before but so far the police apparently have no solid leads. [Source]

The next night an industrial cattle farmers barn in Blyton, Lincolnshire, was set on fire destroying the building and the straw and hay inside. [source]



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