Quacker church burned, Gloucester

The luciferic flame of religious desecration and iconoclastic fury strikes again! Even the Quakers are not spared. From the capitalist press (20 September 2012)

AN arson attack may be to blame for a fire which devastated a Quaker’s meeting place. The Friends Meeting House at Greyfriars, off Southgate Street, has been left a blackened shell of its former self after the suspected deliberate attack. Vandals struck between 11pm on Wednesday last week and 10.30am the next day. It is thought a window was smashed and a fire started inside the property. Builders and decorators are now working to bring the building back into use. The attack is being linked to three other suspicious fires as police launch an investigation. A wooden outbuilding caught fire at a business in Kimbrose Way on August 29. There was a fire in a large bin at the rear of a hotel on Southgate Street in the early hours of July 17. And an outbuilding at a hotel on Commercial Road was ablaze overnight between July 3 and July 4.

Source: This Is Gloucestershire

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