Vandals cut off the head of a sand statue of the Queen, Weston-super-Mare

an story from a bit ago now, taken from the lulz filled archives of the capitalist media (august 23) – fuck the monarchy!! :

The Weston-super-Mare Sand Sculpture Festival has been badly damaged by vandals.

Organisers say the culprits broke in after dark on Wednesday evening and worked their way around the exhibition, smashing and beheading sculptures as they went.

They took a particular dislike to the Queen sculpture and knocked her head clean off.

Police have been to investigate and CCTV footage has been checked.

Three males have been captured on camera and a close-up photo of the vandals is now being generated.

Artists Nicola Wood and Alec Messchaert  are offering a reward to anyone that has any more information which leads to the culprits being caught and successfully prosecuted.

There have been rumors that this may have been an malicious attack aimed at North Someset Council who were thought to have funded the 2012 artwork.

Source: West-super-Mare People


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