ALF liberate pheasants, turkeys & chickens

“In the early hours of the morning in September, 84 hens were freed from a battery farm in the UK.

Upon arrival we wasted no time in boxing up as many hens as we could carry, an escaped and injured bird was left in a corner to die, she was among the lucky 84 to be freed. The conditions are still the same, battery farms still exist and we must continue to hammer them into the ground until every last one has gone!

We are never going away, we will exist until every last animal has the right to a free life!
Animal Liberation Front

Source: BiteBack

“9 Turkeys were taken from a ‘free range’ farm. No windows, no grass, no outside world and limited space – this is free range? Humane meat? Bullshit!
Go Vegan!!!”

Source: Bite Back

“We released 3 pheasants into the wild from a large breeding facility in the North of England. We found trampled, dead chicks and deformed beaks from where the farmer had not upped the size in their beak ‘bits’.
Smash the locks, open the cages! – alf

Source: Bite Back

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