Recent Animal Liberation Front (ALF) actions in UK

Open all cages, destroy all prisons, TOTAL LIBERATION!!! Below are recent communiques from ALF cells in the UK for actions of liberation of our furred and feathered kin.

“ALF break into factory farm and liberate 7 Aylesbury ducks who had no access to water. All have gone to good homes.

Until every cage is empty,

The Animal Liberation Front”

Source: BiteBack

“In Norfolk UK on the 26th of August 2012 a cruel factory farm breeding ducks for meat in which they were fed on growth exhilarating chemicals and have no access to water for swimming and living in their natural way, had it’s fence cut open, doors smashed in and 123 prisoners freed and sent to loving temporary homes, soon to be freed back into the wild.

This is not hard, all of you compassionate people CAN JUST DO THIS! Take action tonight. Hit them hard and hit them often right where it hurts. You do not have to be a ninja to liberate, you just need good bolt cutters, some strong boxes and homes offered by people you can trust.

Until all cages are empty and all prisoners freed from abuse and exploitation, we will continue the war.

For Liberty and Justice for all

The ALF”

Source: BiteBack

“Just after the Grouse shooting season begins we visited a large release pen. We ripped down over 70% of the fence, smashed and tipped all of the feeders and waterers, unplugged the hose pipe (leaving the water running), destroyed the shelters, torn down all of the electric fence and the main gate and threw the battery and electric fence control box into a deep puddle.”

Source: BiteBack

“On the 24th of August 2012 in Cambridgeshire a so called ‘freedom food’ factory farm was raided by ALF activists. 18 sick chickens freed and sent to places to live forever safety and happiness.

To our AR comrades, we are not special, we just decided to step it up and act now. join us tonight!! They will never stop us from fighting for Total Liberation.

For the Animals always-


Source: BiteBack

“There was high security surrounding the sheds, cameras, halogen lights, ‘warning, dogs on site’ signs and large barbed wire fences. What is he hiding? This did not hinder us in the slightest, we were in and out in 5 minutes with over 40 happy ducks. They have all been seen by a vet and treated for their injuries and health problems.


source: BiteBack

“On the 22nd of August 2012 the ALF smash locks and liberate 132 baby chicks from an intensive chicken breeding facility in East Anglia UK. All went to loving vegan homes to live out the entirety of their lives in happiness and liberty.

Animal abusers, expect us every night when you’re in bed. we will never stop until you cease to torment and murder the helpless.

For Animal Liberation always

the ALF”

Source: BiteBack

“As the new ”enriched” cages are brought into effect, we though we ought to check out one of the largest battery farms in the UK. We still found, dead, lame and depressed birds lined up, over 10 rows high and 10 rows wide in just one of the three sheds at the factory. 7 hens were liberated to feel their feet on the grass, their feathers in the wind and the freedom to move without restriction. We will be back…”

Source: Bite Back

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